Daily Dragon Fix

Dropping Now

bronze / dark / new

Aurax | waxing crescent

Cirion | waning crescent

Dropping Soon

gold / aurax +0 days, 12:30h

silver / white / full +4 days, 12:30h

blue / indigo / cirion +20 days, 12:30h

Cycle Progress

We are currently 23.48 days into a 32 day cycle. Hover over the tiles of the calendar for moon phase information; click for details.

(Each tile has the colour of the drop occurring on the mentioned date on 07:29 cave time.)

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
15 MAR
16 MAR17 MAR18 MAR19 MAR20 MAR21 MAR22 MAR
23 MAR24 MAR25 MAR26 MAR27 MAR28 MAR29 MAR
30 MAR31 MAR01 APR02 APR03 APR04 APR05 APR
06 APR07 APR08 APR09 APR10 APR11 APR12 APR
13 APR14 APR15 APR16 APR17 APR18 APR19 APR
20 APR21 APR22 APR23 APR24 APR25 APR26 APR
27 APR28 APR29 APR30 APR01 MAY02 MAY03 MAY
04 MAY05 MAY06 MAY07 MAY08 MAY09 MAY10 MAY
11 MAY12 MAY13 MAY14 MAY15 MAY16 MAY17 MAY