Daily Dragon Fix

Frequently Asked Questions

(compiled by Wobblegong)

"What does investing extra clicks do?" / "How do I protect fogged dragons from being removed?"

DDF has a handy system to let you spend extra clicks to protect your dragons from removal. For every 5 extra clicks in a day, you can protect a dragon from removal until you remove it yourself or it grows up. Very handy for users who fog dragons frequently!

Once logged in, go to "account info", the page where you manage your dragons in the hatchery. If you have clicked more than 20 dragons that day & have at least one unprotected dragon, there will be a section to Invest extra clicks:

For every five extra clicks (clicks after your required 20 for the day) you can protect one growing dragon from being booted for fogging. The protection lasts until the dragon is removed by you or grows up, so you don't need many extra clicks each day to keep all your dragons protected. Just check the box for each dragon you'd like to protect and press the "protect" button!


Kormir has five unprotected eggs and one unprotected hatchling. If Kormir clicks 30 dragons in total that day, she can protect two dragons: her first 20 clicks are her clicks for the day, and the next 10 after that extra clicks that count towards protecting. 10 / 5 = 2, so that lets her buy protection for two dragons of her choice. If Kormir went back to "start clicking!" and clicked another twenty dragons, her daily click total would be 50, and then she could protect all her dragons: 50 minus the daily 20 is 30, and 30 / 5 = 6: 30 extra clicks protects 6 dragons.

"When I protected my dragons, my daily clicks went down!"

When you spend clicks to protect dragons, they're deducted from your daily total. Your total clicks since registration will still be accurate, and you'll never get bumped below your minimum 20 clicks per day, so don't worry! That's just how the counter works.

"What should I do about frozen hatchlings?"

If you ever see a hatchling which clearly couldn't be growing in there (two-seasons-off seasonal, holiday months from that holiday, Leetle Tree, etc) please feel free to flag it! Otherwise don't worry about it too much. Frozen hatchlings are a very tiny portion of the hatchery population and will be removed by their owners in a timely manner, so it's not worth the hassle of trying to identify and flag them.

"How can I keep my codes for more than one day?"

(written by pinkgothic)

Before we delve into this, please remember the first 'D' of DDF intentionally stands for 'daily', since we want to encourage users to click every day for an even click distribution. That being said, sometimes you miss a day without realising it, or need to disappear into the land of no internet for a few days and want to prevent your codes from being removed.

You can click more than twenty codes a day to acquire some leeway, but this is costly: Each day costs twice as much as the one before, so the more days you try to cover, the harder it gets to click enough to cover them.

Example numbers:

The skips don't stack: 60 clicks today and 60 clicks tomorrow does not mean you have two skips after tomorrow - rather, you have one (for the day after tomorrow) due to the 60 clicks you supplied on the second day.

This is purely meant to be an emergency and anti-forgetfulness feature. Your clicks will still reset to 0 each day and the site will only tell you how many free passes your clicks of today are generating. If you clicked 60 dragons yesterday and come back to the site today, you don't have to click, but if you look at your account page, the site will tell you that you have zero clicks, which are worth no passes. You lose any free passes you had in the background once you start clicking again.

This is intentionally sneaky.

People who have time to visit the site and review their free passes can presumably pitch in clicks - and we don't want to give anyone an incentive not to do so.